Second to virus infection is data loss. More and more as we become increasingly digitized all of our information is being stored on a phone, laptop or "Cloud" what would you do if you lost your phone, or your hard drive failed or computer just stopped working? would the data be ok? maybe. Can I save it? Doubtful.

In today's digital world it is more imperative than ever to have a good and reliable data protection plan. Be it an external hard drive or a "Cloud" option backing your data up is the most important thing an end user can do for their piece of mind. The I.T. Guy can assist in several data protection plans from setting up the external hard drive and scheduling your nightly backup to assisting in getting you a could backup solution to a full live real time monitored backup of your most vital data. Home or office. Business or personal everyone or every company with a smart device or computer needs a data protection solution. The I.T. guy will customize your backup plan utilizing the best option for your needs. 

Hello, and welcome to The I.T. Guy website! Contained in this site is information about all the services The I.T. Guy can perform for you. we truly are a one stop for all your computer needs. The I.T. Guy is not a retailer or other kind of "Geek" support company where their goal is to sell you products and services, not us. We offer our unbiased professional assessment crafted to fit your particular needs. Rarely do we see the exact issue so why offer a cookie cutter solution? Our professional I.T. staff will come to your location and evaluate your issues and listen to your concerns and we will formulate a plan of execution that will solve your computer issues and give you piece of mind.

From virus removal and protection, hardware diagnosis and repair to wireless setups,  whole home or office cabling to servers, NAS, cloud solutions and data protection, you need to look no farther than The I.T. Guy for all your computer needs. Servicing the Chicagoland and NW Indiana since 2003, The I.T. Guy has the knowledge and experience in dealing with real world problems and the solutions that will get your computer or network up and running. We service residential and small business in the area and nothing is too large or small. From building a wireless network for a large retailer to removing those pesky Trojans and spyware we service it all.

Please browse through our different services we offer or give us a call or email and we will come to your home or office, FREE OF CHARGE, to discuss your computer needs and how The I.T. Guy can solve them for you. Be it a one time call or a monthly managed service contract there is nothing The I.T. Guy won't do to assist you in maintaining your computer needs so you can relax. The I.T. guy will take care of your computer needs so you don't have too.

Thank you for taking your time to look at our business and we look forward to working with you real soon.



Paul A. Walters



Do you have a computer problem but no time to wait for a service technician or bring it to the big box "Geek" store? The I.T. Guy, Inc offers low cost remote support access. We use a remote access script and can diagnose and repair most computer issues (not virus, unfortunately) and get you back up and running. As long as your internet service is working and there is no hardware issue we can remote in and take care of your problem for a low low price. Connection fee starts at $35 and we have flat and hour rates depending on issue. Call us for me details.

Building a new network for your growing business? Want to add a wireless router to your house? need new network cable or a wireless access point? At The I.T. Guy we do it all from pre-sale, design, installation and configuration. We only use the best hardware for your needs and the highest quality cable and connections. We have over 10 years of cabling and network experience guaranteeing your network will work flawlessly.

The I.T. Guy, Inc, specializes in infrastructure cable instillation be it new , re-wire, additions or retrofit, we have the cablers to do it all. We can add network drops to your existing network either in wall or surface mount, We can rewire your entire office or building to bring your intranet speed up to today's high speed standards. We certify our cable runs and guarantee connectivity. we use top of the line Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable, patch panels, RJ45 ends to patch cables, keystones and face plates for in wall installations or wall mount surface biscuits The I.T. Guy, Inc. is your network build team.

Is your Server room a disgrace? Fear not, our professional cable and network team can come in and rack and stack all components in your server rack, labelled and cable managed to give your server room a clean, professional look and organization. we provide a detailed printout of all locations and numbers for all patches and ports for all panels, switches and access points. The I.T. Guy, Inc. will get your server room shaped up.


Call us today for all your networking needs.








The I.T. Guy, Inc. will build you the perfect network


The I.T. Guy, Inc. offers an array of services giving the end uses a wide range of choices for residential and business customers.  We can setup a new computer, wireless network, printer, and more.  If your computer isn't running properly we can also diagnose and repair it at a reasonable cost.  If you require parts we can assist you with obtaining them as well and a great price. We support both PC and Apple products. Here are a few flat rate services that we offer. No extra charge for after hours!

Residential Wireless Network Setup  - $149  

(Businesses please see our Networking info or call us at 773-733-0777)

  • Connect up to 5 devices (Includes Computers, Network Printers, Smart Phones, and Tablets.  Each additional device is $20)
  • Setup shared folders
  • Setup a shared printer that is directly connected to a PC if no network printer is available.
  • Secure your wireless network
  • Show you how we connected the devices so that you can add more in the future

New Computer Setup - $129

  • Unbox and setup your new computer
  • Connect up to 3 devices (Printer, Scanner, Webcam, etc)
  • Create one user account
  • Install anti-virus and malware protection (Provided by you or you can purchase one through us.  Avast basic is free for home use.)
  • Install up to 2 software titles
  • 30 mins of training (Additional training is billed at our hourly rate in 15 min increments)

On-site Diagnostics and Repair - $149

(Parts not included)

  • Diagnose Hardware and Software Issue (Not including virus and malware)
  • Replace Defective Part
  • One Return Trip to replace parts that we did not have on hand is included. 
  • If we cannot fix it, there is no charge.  If you decline service after diagnostics the fee is $99 for the on-site diagnostics.

Diagnostics and Repair (Off-Site) $149

(Parts not included)

  • Diagnose Hardware and Software Issue
  • Includes pickup and delivery in  Lake and Porter Counties as well as Lansing and Calumet City
  • If we cannot fix it, there is no charge.  If you decline service after diagnostics the fee is $99.

Virus Removal (Off-Site - $149)

  • Includes pickup and delivery in Lake and Porter Counties as well as Lansing and Calumet City
  • Removal of all viruses and malware
  • Installation of anti-virus and malware protection
  • If the virus or malware has caused unrepairable damage to the operating system, we will backup your data and re install the OS

All other services are offered at an hourly rate with a minimum of 1 hour.  Additional time is billed in 15 minute increments.  Call today to schedule your service call 773-733-0777

What is Managed Services? The Wiki defines it as:

Managed services is the practice of outsourcing day-to-day IT management responsibilities as a strategic method for improving operations. This can include outsourcing Production Support and lifecycle build/maintenance activities. The person or organization who owns or has direct oversight of the organization or system being managed is referred to as the offer-er, client, or customer. The person or organization that accepts and provides the managed service is regarded as the service provider.



What does that mean for you and your business? It means you can have the security and reliability for a full time I.T. staff at a fractions of the cost. Here at The I.T. Guy, our professional I.T. consultants will come to your office, inventory your hardware and software and procedures currently in place and we will then map out and plan an I.T. solution that will maximize your assets and offering you secure and stable I.T. environment. The technicians here at the I.T. Guy are no commission salesmen, we are not motivated but "kickbacks" or commissions from the products we implement and recommend in your work environment.By having an unbiased focus, we will design and implement a full I.T. solution that best fits your business. From PC  installation, configuration and updating to server Administration, Domain Administration and Active Directory Administration and data backup and protection we will take the headache off your hands so you can ficus on your business and your clients or customers.

The I.T. guy offers a comprehensive monthly Managed service plan customized to your needs. It is a combination of unlimited phone support, unlimited email and or text support, weekly onsite visits, daily data backup, weekly offsite backup and all updates, configurations and additions and removals. we also offer email exchange support and full Office software support. Pick the components you want from one to full service, nothing is too large or small for The I.T. Guy.


Monthly Managed Service plans start at $99 and come be modified every 6 months without penalty.

Currently we are offering unlimited email, phone, remote and first hour onsite support for $300 a month ( minimum 6 month contract)

Need to Know

PHONE: 773.733.0777

EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Provider Networks

  • OnForce
  • Field Nation
  • Field Solutions
  • Work Market
  • $79 Repair
  • Install It today
  • Hundreds of National Clients

Recommended Products

  • Avast Anti-Virus
  • Malwarebytes Anti-Spyware
  • Refog employee monitoring
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